About Charles

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chuck received his primary and secondary education in the local public school system there, and holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He has always been driven to find answers to difficult questions and has been an activist in numerous areas, one of which is the necessity of the maintenance of a strong urban forestation in major cities and cityscapes. Professionally, Chuck worked as a technical researcher in the food industry for companies at both the Fortune 500 level and also the smaller company level. Here he was fortunate to work with teams which in many cases were able to innovate new products and/or improve processes for the production of new and existing products. Many of these developments were significant, and he is the holder of numerous U.S. and foreign patents. Self-taught in the Spanish language, Chuck and his wife in the 1980’s used their bilingualism to help advance progress in a major orphanage located in a remote region of Mexico. This association has led to his current personal family status as a very proud father and grandfather. On a lighter note, Chuck has always had a strong interest in athletics, and has participated, at both a competitive and non-competitive level, in baseball, basketball, speed skating, skiing, and distance running. A friend of his affirms that Chuck once quipped “My accomplishments in sports have been unique in that they have brought the definition of the word ‘average’ to a brand new low.” Now partially retired, Chuck is determined to find even more time for writing, for activism in general, and for continued effort to be at least a contributor to the general dialogue and action that is at the heart of driving progress and innovation in this world that we all share. View More Photos